ask me anything box on tumblr

28. září 2011 v 14:46

Best Answer: Do you see your blog title at the top of your page? Click it. Then click settings. Scroll down where you see "Ask" Click "Let people ask questions"
Best Answer: if you go into customize on your blog its under one of the tabs and it has the option to let people as questions.

This tumblr tip will show you how to insert an Ask Me box button or link using just a bit of html code, so you can start having receiving questions from your followers .
Will my tumblr work again? a burn book i made on tumblr got deleted and now it won`t let me on the site at all, is it going to stay like this?

Good news for anyone who loves interacting with a particular Tumblr: The blogging platform has added an Ask feature that allows you to directly ask a blogger .
:33 < Ask box is OPEN! F33l fr33 to leave me a message! . Wonderful Nepeta. It is you. Anyways, could I possibly ask if I could use one of your comics as an VA audition video .
47. The meanest thing someone has ever said to me was that I wasn
Roll up, roll up, it
Can a cute girl on Tumblr message me in my ask box and tell me I'm cute/handsome then it'll lead to conversations and we'll talk every night and then ask me anything box on tumblr we'll talk on the .
How can I put an ask me anything box on my tumblr?? I already have an account :) by laura05 you go onto and go into settings, go to widgets and copy the .
Bom, eu j� expliquei aqui no blog como habilitar a fun��o Ask me Anything no seu tumblr, agora eu vou ensinar como colocar um box na barra lateral do seu tumblr .
If You wanna Be In It watch The Video Pick Your Person By writing Your name & The Name Of The Person You wanna Be In My ask Box P.s In The story Your Character Name will .
Now testing: Ask Me The new Ask feature lets your friends or readers ask questions that you can choose to answer on your blog. You can enable it from the Community tab in .
Best Answer: Do

ask me anything box on tumblr


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