de-chlor dm liquid syp cypress ph

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My dad just got back from the doctors yesterday and was told he had bronchitis and he was prescribed this: DE-CHLOR HC LIQUID SYP CYPRESS PH Generic
Codeine de-chlor dm liquid syp cypress ph question: What is ceron-dm syp cypress ph? decongestant, antihistamine and cough suppressant to relieve cold, flu and allergies. Cypress Pharm.
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decongestant, antihistamine and cough suppressant to relieve cold, flu and allergies
Physician reviewed De-Chlor DM patient information - includes De-Chlor DM description, dosage and directions.
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Welcome to the de-chlor dm liquid syp cypress ph De-Chlor DM Oral Liquid information hub. Featuring active ingredients, dosages, related medications, and De-Chlor DM Oral Liquid forums.
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