will 15mg oxycodone get me high

28. září 2011 v 14:40

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I was wondering will it be a complete waste of time to snort oxycodone 15mg immediate release tabs? Or is it totally worth it? Help me out people please!
oxycodone Question: Will Snorting Oxycodone Get Me High? Yes snorting Oxycodone will most likely give you a high but it is will 15mg oxycodone get me high extremely dangerous and is certainly not .
So do I crush the pill after I get the outer coating off, or leave the pill whole? I tried it but my pill didn't move around, it stayed in one spot and turned .
YES! My husband has neurological and spinal pain issues due to high voltage electrical injury, constant pain (he has traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, central .
Absolutely. If this did happen, then your BPL was probably very high. .Great for fighting pain, but if you weren't used to it, nausea would be a

will 15mg oxycodone get me high

reasonable side effect.
Alone, each fucks me up pretty good. I'm a lightweight. Do you guys think it would be okay for me to take both? Maybe take the Oxy first, then an hour
oxycodone mexico - Oxycodone 30-90 day supply with . oxycodone (oxycodone mexico) - Oxycodone 30-90 day supply with overnight delivery available with online doctor .
Can a oxycodone 512 get you high Can a oxycodone 512 get you high. Oxycodone Question: Can Oxycodone 512 Be Crushed? Sure they can!!!!! This was my if you snort it it .
Best Answer: theyre are ways of getting better highs than oxycodone. . ask this guy, I think he is done. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt .
Yes u can, but u need to heat ur water first, do not hold it over a flame and let it boil. If it does it will jell up in ur syringe
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